Friday, October 7, 2011

Advanced Investing Tips and Ideas:

Learn more Technical Tips:
you can learn about Fibonacci Sequences, Elliott Wave Theory, Dow Theory and other stock trading strategies.
Stock Market Risk:

What's your understanding and Perception of risk? How do you recognize risk? Is risk Quantifiable? How to manage risk?
The concept of risk and managing it is a complicated part in investing money.
Automate your Trading:
You can learn and use trading software to automate your stock investing strategy. Many investors use stock trading software to control their emotions and to enable them to focus on their stock trading strategy.
There are many other advantages of using trading software and systems, such as saving time and managing your risk.
Enjoy Making money in stocks. We hope you improve your understanding of the stock market by reading and learning these Tips and Ideas.
Four steps to riches
We wanna know that something we require for achieving to rich:
1. A profit-optimizing investment philosophy is the first step for reaching to rich, the elements of which include:
a) Trading- as opposed to investing is the first part toward rich
b) Maximization of percent per year yield on each trade is the second part to rich
c) Maximization of percent of time invested is the third part to rich
d) Minimization of the trading interval is the fourth part to rich
e) Optimization of transaction timing is the fifth part to rich
2. Fast and simple issue selection for getting to rich
3. Fast and simple transaction-timing analysis is the other steps to rich
4. Accurate and timely stock price tracking is the last steps to rich
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