Monday, October 10, 2011

Earn Money Online

If you are on this website, then chances are you are somebody who is interested in earning money online. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you. It is not easy. If you would like to earn money online, then you have a hard road a head of you. In fact, it might be better for you to get a paper route or start a dog walking company, simply because, you will have a better chance of actually earning some money.

That said, there are a few ways that you can earn money online, I will try and cover the pros and cons of each:
Thousands of companies out there want to pay for your opinion, in the form of surveys. Essentially, you complete surveys and they pay you money. It’s really that straight forward. The reason that they do this, is to ensure that when they launch a product, it does not flop and cause them huge losses.
Before you get too excited, completing surveys won’t earn you that much money, in fact, you can only really expect to earn around $0.20 per a survey. This means, that you would literally have to complete hundreds of surveys if you want to earn minimum wage. The average survey could take you around 5 minutes to complete and you will only earn $0.20 – that works out to around $4 an hour. Is that worth it for you?
Internet Marketing
This is a rather broad topic, that can be summarised into three main categories
Affiliate Marketing (selling another person’s product/service for commission)
Ecommerce (selling physical goods through a wholesaler)
Adsense/PPC revenue (establishing a blog/website and earning revenue for displaying ads)
Unlike surveys, Internet Marketing has a huge earning potential -so much so, that you could one day quit your day job. That said, there is just one massive problem with internet marketing – it has a huge learning curve. It could take you years to break even at best, then a lot longer than to even start earning any real money. Also, in the early days, there is a huge time commitment.
In short, I do not recommend internet marketing – you will find hundreds of courses on the topic, which are all designed to take your money.

Article Writing
This has to be the only real way to earn money online – as you have already guessed from the subheading, the aim is to write articles. You can sign up to a website such as or and write articles for people. The reason this occurs is that many people have websites, they just do not have the time to write articles – so they outsource it.
You can expect around the $5-10 mark for an article. Just remember, you can expect to be paid to much, as with all things on the internet, it could be done by somebody living overseas (i.e. Asia) this means, they have the potential to under-cut you on price.
Another down side of Article Writing is that fact that you actually have to write articles – which can take an extremely long amount of time. Furthermore, if you want to earn money online without having to do hard work, then this won’t be for you.
The main advantage of article writing is that you do not require any start up money or experience. In fact, if you can write a decent article for a decent price, then you can expect quite a substantial amount of work.

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