Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting paid for doing surveys using your PC

There are a number of websites around at the moment which are offering ways for you to make money filling out surveys. Basically, what this means is that once you have signed up to a reputable paid survey provider you will be asked to enter some details such as age, gender and location, which is then used to match the requirements specific to the type of survey that will be offered. In other words,
when a survey that fits your profile becomes available you will be invited to take it in return for some form of payment. Your reward for completing the survey may come in the form of a monetary payment, or alternatively, a voucher, gift certificate, or even goods such as electrical, entertainment or household items (which you could probably sell if you prefer the cash)
Sounds easy doesn’t it? But is it as good as they say it is? Well, providing you find a reputable company the rewards can be reasonably good. Hypotheticially speaking, if you filled in three paid surveys a day, three or four days a week, at an average of around $25 per survey you could expect to make approximately $1350 per month, which sounds great, and pretty good for a part-time income. However, the reality is, until you have established yourself as a regular survey filler, you are more likely to make less than this due to the amount of people who have already jumped on to the bandwagon, thus creating a demand which is almost outstripping supply. Some of the higher paid surveys may be harder to come by. Cash payment for surveys is more likely to vary between the $5 to $10 mark. But it still remains a popular way to make extra money using your PC.
As we speak, some sites are closing their doors to new sign ups because they have already filled their quota. But there are still some good opportunities available for anyone looking for this type of work. So, if you prefer to work from home and have a few hours to spare each day in which you can spend time filling out the odd survey here and there, you could soon be making some extra cash to contribute towards your monthly income. It won’t be huge, so don’t expect to make a fortune. You will be limited by the amount of surveys available. But a few hundred dollars a month can be very useful when you’re stuggling to pay the bills. Better be quick though, because I think these opportunities will reach saturation point eventually, and more companies will be closing their doors once vacancies have been filled.
Paid surveys are only profitable if you can find the good survey sites. Some are just a waste of time and effort. You can find them yourself online if you do your research right and know where to look. The problem is it’s not always easy to spot the good ones. There are certain resource and directory websites that have done all the hard work for you. But again, there are good ones and bad ones. This means that most of these sites where you pay for the information are basically just scams. But there are one or two which are genuinely helpful. Here are two of the better sites that will provide you with information about which are the best survey opportunities are available.
Please note that, as mentioned above, with these sites there is usually a small investment to make to provide you with their service, but you should soon be able to recoup that investment within a relatively short space of time once you have signed up with the best survey sites that they recommend.

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