Friday, October 7, 2011

Opening a Small Business

Creating a More Flexible Lifestyle

Why Start a Small Business?
Thinking about opening a small business? Great! You found the right place, keep reading! But a big question is, why a small business? There are many excellent reasons to do so. However, a main reason for starting a small business is this: If you do it right, starting a small business can create for you a more flexible lifestyle. Many many people have already found the freedom you are looking for. They found it, you can find it too!

There are other important reasons for opening a small business too. For example, if daily exercise and healthy diet is very important to you, with your own home business, resulting in a more flexible lifestyle, you can more easily schedule your working time around your health program.
Enjoy the challenge of overcoming difficulties? Need to satisfy that creative drive in you? There are plenty of opportunities for both in producing a successful small business.
According to The Economist magazine, nearly half of the world's richest people are entrepreneurs, making opening a small business the number one way to get rich. It's my opinion, however, that "to get rich" is a poor reason to start a small business. If so, you will probably fail miserably. Try a start-up with a theme you love. I think you will have more fun, have a much better chance of success, and maybe getting rich too.
Learning a small business skill can turn out to be excellent insurance against a job layoff, it can also provide much needed extra income. This would be an especially wise move, because of the present world recession. For example, learning how to find, purchase, and sell collectable items on eBay is not hard to learn, can easily provide you with extra income. Who knows? It could even lead you into a very profitable, full-time home business.

Opening a Small Business Contains Valuable Information For You, including:
Small business advice, especially those things needed when first starting a small business, such as how to choose what small business, writing a business plan, how to finance it all, small business accounting, advertising your business, and the importance of establishing a business identity.
Small business ideas, especially ideas for starting a home based business, and for just a few thousand dollars, or less! Opening a small business has never been easier!
Advantages of Creating a website business, one that is really profitable.
How to start your own eBay business, which may be the easiest way to start an online business.
Suggestions on how to develop a small business plan, that includes a free small business plan template.
A free list of genuine wholesale companies, including those that are wholesale drop shippers.
Best ways for small business financing, government grants for small business, and where to get the best small business loans.
Microfarming for profit, growing plants and raising animals on small acreage, selling them to markets.

What You Need to Start a
Small Business
It is very possible for you to start a small business in just one day! I know because I've done it myself. Anybody can do it. However, opening a small business becomes much easier if you first know exactly what you want to do. From then on, it's mostly a matter of inspiration and motivation. Here, I'll give you an example:
When I set out to start my first small business, a gardening and landscaping business, it was an easy choice. Being outside and working with plants was a great enjoyment to me. I obtained a small business license at the local city hall, bought some inexpensive but new gardening equipment (I already had an old Chevy pickup), and put an ad in the "Super Saver," a local advertising publication in Orange County, California. Within three weeks I had all the business I could possibly handle by myself.
Talk about instant success! I was happy with my choice every step of the way. I was mowing, pruning trees, putting in lawn irrigation systems, new lawns, and flower beds all over town. There was no lack of customers. My business was off and running and profitable from the start. Within two months I had to hire an unemployed friend to help me. Soon after that I had a crew of five people.
I was fortunate! Opening a small business like I did is not always that easy and not always such an instant success, and sometimes other things can enter in to complicate matters, for example the presence of an economic recession, and too much competition. But even those things can be overcome by your enthusiasm, persistence, and making the right choices. For specific information on how to start a small business click below.

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