Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Start a Business

Your Step-by-Step Business Startup Guide
In this guide I show you how to start a business by taking a step-by-step approach to making those critical decisions that make the difference between success and failure to your business startup.

Watch this short video which gives me the opportunity to introduce myself to you. You will see that I've got the critical knowledge, experience and motivation to help you start a business.
It's important for you to know more about me. Check out what I've done in my life and why I want to help you start a business that will give you the life you dream of. Read about what motivates me and what my passions are. Go now to the About Me page.
Here are the steps to teach you how to start a business. Take these steps in order and don't skip any to maximize your business startup success:

Step 1: Daunting odds don't have to stop you. Read this short introduction to taking the right approach to making real money when starting a business.
Step 2: Find the "Entrepreneur Source" to help you prepare yourself to become successful (don't skip this all-important step, it will tell you what to expect when you start your business and how to be prepared for it). Decide whether to start part time or full time.
Step 3: Determine your personal and business goals so you can decide whether your business idea is right for you!
Step 4: The advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
Step 5: Whether buying a franchise is right for you. Also, how to decide which franchise to choose. (Coming soon)
Step 8: Decisions about financing your business startup.  You should know your resources such as merchant express credit card services and the importance of a business plan in accessing those resources.
Step 9: Choose the right business organization.
Step 11: The importance of a startup marketing plan and the eight strategies every startup business should include in their marketing plan.
Step 12: The business plan and why it is crucial to the success of your business.
Step 13: Accounting help designed to help you understand the basics of accounting, get accounting help, and find simple accounting software that is right for your business.  Consider reporting features offered by Chase Ink business credit card to help monitor expenses.
Step 14: How to take advantage of tax breaks.  
Step 15: Chances are these days that a website will contribute greatly to your business even if you are not planning an online business. We provide you with a step-by-step guide to get the most out of your online presence without spending the thousands of dollars you would have to pay somebody to do it for you.
Step 16: Use our resource page to find the very best in online resources that you will need to start your business. One very important resource is online classes which will help you in your entrepreneurial adventure.  One of the most powerful, yet ignored weapons in your marketing weapon store are your business cards.  Another great resource is relationship management which can streamline the repetitive tasks of starting your own business.

By following all the above steps in order you will not only learn how to start a business, you will be on the best track for business success.

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