Monday, October 10, 2011

Earn Money Online With Google Adsense

Most people, when they look for ways to make money online come across a program called Google Adsense. This is a program that some people use on their websites to earn money online regularly. The Adsense program is a good way to earn money with Google. Many people have heard of Adsense, many others have even given it a go, but there are a few ways to earn with this program that many people ignore. Anyway, I am going to be giving a little tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to earn money online with Google Adsense, the right way.
How it works:

When you have a website, there are many methods to earn money online with it, the Adsense, pay per click system works well, but only if you do it properly. You can have a website on any subject, you may even have a website or blog already, this is perfect, if you don’t you can easily set one up, you can even do this for free, I will show you how in the next step if you are interested. Once you already have a website in place, you are just minutes away from earning money online, so you just need to sign up on the official Adsense website, just search for it if you can’t find it. Once you have an account, you can got he the “Adsense Setup” option at the top left of the screen. You are then brought to a wizard that will take you through the easy process of how to set up ads on your site. You basically just follow the wizard and select the relevant options, then you copy the code that you are given and then paste it into the code of your website or blog. Within ten minutes or so, you should see the adverts appear on your website. These adverts will automatically detect the content of your website and then they will show adverts from companies on your website, Every time your visitors click on an advert they will earn you money, if you already have a lot of regular visitors, this is a good way to earn money online quick, as the clicks appear in your account almost in real time. What you get payed for click is dependant on the niche or subject your website is in, the keywords you have on your website and the number of companies competing for that specific term. This is a great way to earn money online if you are just starting out, or have a website already, you can also use this method to make money, even if you have not got a website yet, see my tutorial below.
If you want to earn money online using this method, but you do not have a website, then you can simple set up a website, or you can set up a free blog. If you want to earn money online free, and do not want to spend any money on a domain name or hosting, then you can set up a free blog at sites like or Hubpages or some other similar sites. These offer a free blog where you can write your articles and put up your content easily. You do not need any technical skills and you do not need to know how to make a website to get started as you can use the simple interface and wizards to set everything up. If you use Blogger, then you can easily put in your Adsense code in just a few clicks, because this happens to be owned by Google already. You can choose from a variety of different themes and designs to make your blog look however you want it to. Choose a subject you are interested in, and create some content on it. You could give people tips, or tell them how to do something, for example, you could create some photoshop tutorials, or even provide some free recipes. You do not even have to write loads of content if you do not want to, you can create this content in the form of video. You can upload it to youtube, and then embed the videos into your blog, again, this is made easy by the simple interface and many design options you have available to you with a free blog. Next you need to get some traffic to start to earn money online using your new blog.
There are many people who think that traffic is just going to start coming to their website or blog. This is not true, and without traffic you will not earn money online until you start getting people to your blog. You can use many methods to do this. If you have used youtube to create a video for your site, then you can mention your blog or website URL in the video description, or leave a watermark in the corner of the video. This can bring in a decent amount of traffic if your video is good quality and useful and other people start to post it on their websites, or people on youtube simply watch it and rate it. This can create a snowball effect, or what internet marketers call a viral effect, which can mean your website URL is seen by thousands or even millions of people. You will have to create some decent and interesting content for this to happen, but if you do, it will pay off. Think about your skills and interests and see what you can come up with. A good tip when creating content is to imagine what your visitors want, and what their interests are, this can earn money online for you using Adsense if you make a site or blog worth visiting, and worth your visitors talking about to their friends and relatives and even social bookmarking it online.
When you are looking to earn money online, its key to get traffic to your websites or blogs, so make sure you create good quality content, and encourage users to share it with their friends, just as long as there is a link back to your blog, or watermark or some other form of credit to you. I am going to talk more about getting traffic in another post, so look out for that coming soon.

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