Friday, October 7, 2011

Get Started in the Stock Market Game with our Online Trade Game

The stock market can seem overwhelming to beginners, so we have compiled a short list of how to get started in our market game.
1. Study some of our Frequently Asked Questions.
2. Read a good stock market book. See what affects stock prices. Take this online course.
3. Practice trading with our free Virtual Stock Exchange.

5. Transfer some money into your account.
6. Research some stocks using websites and newspapers. See what stocks to buy.
7. Buy stock in one or more companies that meet your criteria.
8. Monitor your stocks and market conditions for the best time to sell.
Keep in mind that most beginners lose some money the first few times they trade stocks. There is a learning curve involved, so hang in there. It is often said that you should trade using money that you can afford to lose. That helps to avoid bad decisions based on emotions.
Check out our stock game!

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