Monday, October 10, 2011

Can You Earn Money Online With Surveys? The Definitive Answer

Lots of people search for ways to make money online. Often most people come across advice that tells them they should look into sites that allow them to earn money online with surveys. Anyone who is looking for ways to earn extra income in any way, by searching online, will have found out about this method, and some people will have tried it. I am going to share my experiences with this method in this post. I hope that people can find some value from it, and it saves you all some time, effort, and even money.

 So, can you Earn Money Online with surveys?
As far as I can see, no. Online survey sites are a scam. I first heard about online survey sites in around 2006 or 2007 when I first started looking for ways to EARN MONEY ONLINE. I read that I could make a full time income online and all I had to do was fill in some simple surveys. I was quite excited by this prospect. It sounded pretty reasonable too, obviously companies are looking for some research and using paid surveys sounded like a great solution to their problem, and I could earn some money from it at the same time. So I searched for some online survey sites, and signed up. The sign up process was a little longer than I expected, they wanted a lot of information which I supplied, it took me around half an hour to do this for each site. It seemed to me, that they were getting a lot of “free” information from me just from my registration info. But I went ahead and did it anyway, because I thought it was a good way to earn money online – how wrong I was…
I waited patiently for my online survey invites, as this was how these sites explained that they operate if you want to Earn Money Online from them, you fill in your profile info and they send you a survey based on what you qualified for from the information you have given them. I received maybe, 2 or 3 invites for surveys in my email inbox over the next week from each site. I was surprised there were so few, but I went to the site and started to fill in each survey anyway. I filled in the first one Ok, but then the rest just stopped half way through and said that I did not qualify for the survey! This was after maybe 10 or 15 questions! I was quite shocked by this, since these were the only paid survey invites I had received from them, and I thought hey had enough info to be able to tell whether I was a good candidate or not. This was the same for weeks, I got invited to participate in some more online surveys, but I was told I was not the right candidate for them. The surveys that I actually did manage to complete probably took around 20 minutes or so, sometimes a couple of them went on for much longer than they said they would! So what did I get paid for my time? Probably around $0.70 a survey, thats if I was lucky. This did not pay off at all, and the survey site had some policy where you can’t get a payout until your earnings are over a certain amount anyway, so the whole thing was just a waste of time. S overall not a good way to earn money online at all.
As a result of my experiences with this method of earning money online, I would urge anyone who is thinking about participating in online surveys to just forget about them and find another way to make money online, because they do not pay off. Maybe, just maybe if the online survey sites sent you hundreds or even thousands of surveys a week (which they would never do) you could earn a decent amount of money online, but you would be there all night and all day doing them, and there is just not that many out there. So the next time someone recommends you fill out online surveys for money, just run as fast as you can in the other direction.

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