Monday, October 10, 2011

Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online. The Internet has opened up a whole new way of doing business for millions of people. It has also, in a way, leveled the playing field, as those living in more rural settings, where fewer amenities might be expected, now find themselves more or less on par with those living in urban areas where amenities of all kinds are normal.

However, in order to earn money online, work of some kind is required. There seems to be a myth that the Internet is this magical place where the work ethic has been abandoned, and where riches are there for the taking. It is not. The online world offers many wonderful opportunities, but they have to be worked for.

There are, broadly speaking, three main categories involved in earning money online: the dubious; the quick and easy; and the solid. Needless to say, all too often newcomers to the online world gravitate to the either the first one or the second. Those who choose the solid methods of earning money through the Internet are the ones who really win in the end.

The dubious methods of making online riches are the ones that are either scams, or of the "here today, gone tomorrow" variety. Money can be earned this way, but often the legality of the method is in question, or the method is unethical in some way. Usually it involves cutting corners in a slap-dash kind of way where the money is all important. These types of schemes come and go with dizzying regularity.

The quick and easy methods are a bit more stable, but can be a bit uncertain too at times. Again, the focus is on fast earnings – making a killing in no time flat, and using whatever method will allow that to happen. It's a business model built on somewhat shaky ground, though it can work out for those who are determined to keep at it. Many do make it work, but many fail too.

The solid methods are just that – solid and dependable. They use good business principles that have stood the test of time, and that will continue to hold good forever. The solid ways to earn money online never attempt to cheat anyone; they don't leave a customer feeling uneasy about a transaction.

On the contrary, solid online business methods leave the customer feeling that he or she just got a bargain! The merchant will typically over deliver to surprise the customer and make them feel that it really was a good deal, and one that is worth repeating again sometime. The solid online business person knows that a few dollars spent today can easily become hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, spent over a lifetime.

It should come as no surprise, unfortunately, that for every solid business set up online, there are probably 100,000 dubious "businesses" set up, and perhaps 10,000 of the quick and easy type. No one likes to work hard, and the constant promise of easy riches is all too easy to succumb to. This is understandable. People are just people after all, but the wise people are the ones who take the solid route – every time.

If we take a closer look at the ways that people earn money online, we find that the dubious ways are many and varied. It's a bit like the old Wild West in a way when law and order on the western frontier was still in its infancy and often non-existent. A common theme is that of "tricking" the search engines, or the social networks, to get away with something that allows the making of lots of money. Invariably, this scheme eventually gets clamped down on by the search engine, or the social network, in question, and no longer works. The people who managed to earn money online from the method just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next scheme. Easy come, easy go is the motto here.

The quick and easy methods have a bit more longevity, but often not much. They are usually not scams as such, but rather a method that involves minimal work for maximum pay. Cashing in on trends is one way. This is where something big happens in the news, the world of the celebrities, for example.

If you can be the first to buy a domain name that is the exact keyword of something that millions are suddenly searching for, you can throw up a one-page website with some information. Then if you get some social network back links, bookmark it and get it ranked fast, all you need do is find a way to monetize it. Google AdSense would do nicely, for example, and then you can make as much money as possible before the trend dies a natural death.

Of course, you have to keep moving on to keep this earn money online business model working, but it does work if you can be bothered to keep one step ahead of the rest. This is mainly a young person's starting out method. It works great for students and the like, and those who have no serious responsibilities. However, there's a better way...

The better way usually takes longer to build up. The timescale can be several years, or a good number of months at least. Usually, there is also a plan! It's been said that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Those who see the opportunity to earn money online as a long term serious business plan usually succeed.

In a way it's the tortoise and the hare race. The hare set off like a bullet, racing along as fast as he could go. When he realized he was miles ahead of the tortoise, he stopped for a rest. The tortoise plodded on, slowly and steadily, until he overtook the hare. When the hare woke up, the tortoise had already won the race. The serious earn money online business models are a bit like that. Guess which business models are represented by the hare!

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